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After the Mumble was successfully saved, the world was at peace. However, a game about that peace would be boring, so something had to go wrong. Skwibow and Sal were calmly enjoying their nice afternoon when something threatens to destroy the whole universe! Can you stop it before it's too late!

  • More recuitable characters!
  • Better writing (kinda)!
  • No beta testing!
  • New characters!
  • Old veterans!
  • Same classic fun!

More information

Published1 year ago
TagsAction RPG, Funny, RPGMaker, Short, Space
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

  1. Download both versions of the game and extract them to seperate folders
  2. Drag the files from the updated version and copy them into the base game, overwriting files.
  3. If you already have RPG Maker VX Ace, you can just play the updated version directly.

Note: The base files are currently 1.2_2. If it differ from the available update files, you'll need to update the game.


Update Files 1.2_2 (15 MB)
Base Game (202 MB)