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hi sir, please contact me as i would like to make a parody of your parody for my friend intended for private use but i am unsure of how to use the program you used to make your game and need help

tutorals online are of no use so please sir contact me sir

thank you sir lot's of love to john cena sir

I included your game in this article that I wrote.

Hi this school is the least relistic plac i hvae been too. you see they dont have aprinciple and that is weird because john cena lioke dont have no shirt on an he shoyuld be fired. like out of a cannon. you feel dawg???? so like also his Microsoft paint outfits are like pretty lazy and lit if you ask me. for the next update set Mr. Cena on fire. Kyle needs to learn that there is more to life then Mr. Cena. Also on that not take off mr. cenas tie it makes him look like a... i wont say that. My spelling arrows are disapointing and my family doesnt like it can I sign mr. cena as my tutor?????

XOXO ya boi cemna

Hi my name is John cena I think you should add snail cena

There you go fam

X0X0 ya boi john cena

P.s I love the abs

This really isnt an adventure if you ask me. I feel like the title is to adventurous. if you want an adventure make John cena do dope

So like, Sexy and high school dont really go to gether you feel???? I think you should change the name to something like "John cena, The responcible yet pretty handsome homo sapien" ya feel dawg?? Another thing is Jonathan should totally lose the shirt, He looks retarded with it on. He is a WWE star not a supermodel seriously get ur fects striaght.

P.s Im calling my lawer kyle

p.p.s Kyle would like Mr. cena to take his shirt off

Its for my homie John cena and the rest of his crew. I know that in school it is considered sexual to take of your clothes so really im just doind ya boi John Cena a favor. if this isnt changed I am calling the police. Thanks and im sorry the shirt is expensive you should have thought about that in your budget. I love the cena but Shirts are strictly for school and the kids are disturbed.

P.s. Kyle likes cena's abs

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0/10. I couldn't see any of the characters.

0/10 you complain a lot

I luv u jan sena

John cena is to busy to love...


Wow i am impressted that you have proper grammy good gob!!!!!

This is the best game in existence. For real.

then you have never played shia labouf dating sim. He is like a sexy canibal and he fits ur personallity!!!!! the more you eat the stronger he gets!! Whooooooooo... next time do your reseach before declairing a game like this the best when shia will alwayws be numnber 1